Lisa G S

Lisa G S

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May 14, 2017
Abilene, Texas
Hello All��

I am Lisa and am new to the forum. I am learning to handle all the issues and maintenance of an older pool after the recent passing of my husband. I am pretty much a handywoman in regards to most anything. I live in Texas and have a 30 plus year old in ground fiberglass pool. It definitely does have its issues! We replaced the filter and pump about 5 years ago with a Pentair salt cell system and have been pleased. I have been the one who cleans the cartridges and maintains the pool. I'm a work in progress at becoming a complete pool fixer upper. Luckily I do enjoy tackling these projects. I am hoping I can contribute to the forum as well as learn from all of y'all. Thank you for having me.


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Hi Lisa and welcome to our forum. :wave: As you may suspect, our TX temps are starting to increase, so swim season is upon us. :swim: Please take a moment to review/bookmark the vital links you see below in my signature. They'll come-in very handy for you as they explain all the things you need to know about chemicals, levels, etc. At the same time, don't forget to update your own signature as well. It helps a lot. Very nice to have you with us. Have a nice day.
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