Lisa and Mike building our own 20x60 pool


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May 21, 2021
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Liquid Chlorine
Hi we are MIke and LIsa Willmon, MIke is a construction manager and built many commercial and personal projects. He built a splash pad for a city park.
I am the swimmer, and a pool has been my life long dream. After hits and misses with pb, we have taken it on ourselves. We have had informal advice from a friend and engineer, and we have been blessed to be in communication with a pool builder who has offered us help and advice. We are new and the equipment, and plumbing, electrical hook up are posing the greatest challenges. I feel confident once all is hooked up we can navigate adjusting, and pool maintenance, with the help of this site. Mike is building and I am sourcing all the elusive equipment due to the winter apocalypse here in Texas this winter. I have many questions about Pentair equipment and automation. I need to know what other brand light will work with Pentair system. I need to know where I might can find a Pentair heater. I hope to find a forum or thread that deals with Pentair products and automation. Thank you for adding us.
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