Liquidator Install and Hard Piping


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Jun 29, 2013
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Hello all! It has been three years since I set up the pool and everything for the most part has been easy going thanks to this sites help!!!

I am now finally thinking that I am going to hard plumb my system this coming season. I have a Lomart/Doughboy pool. I have the clamp on fittings to do the hard plumbing from them. I have a Hayward Power Flo 1 1/2 HP 2 speed pump. Those fittings except 1 1/2 inch PVC. Is it ok to just run all 1 1/2 inch?

I also would love to add a Liquidator to the system. I have read several post the past few years and am a little confused in knowing whether or not it will work with my set up. Some people have seemed to get the proper flow and some others have not. It seems that inground pools seem to have more trouble. Excuse my ignorance but I do not understand "Head" and believe there is more head pressure from above ground pool? I primarily run pump on low.

Any advise or input would be greatly appreciated!!


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Jun 7, 2011
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I really don't know about a comparison, but I do think the trend is going with an injection pump rather than the suction injection on the liquidator. Others will weigh in, but I wanted to get your languishing post a bump to the top.


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Jun 22, 2009
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It is ok to run it all in 1½" PVC. I would recommend using 'pool' type valves instead of regular PVC ball valves in the plumbing. They're easier to repair if needed, and have less head loss than a regular ball valve. However, a regular PVC ball valve will work.

As for the Liquidator (LQ), above ground pools where the equipment is set close to the pool and where there is not much restriction to suction side flow (a common occurrence) have the greatest problem maintaining enough flow out of the LQ to maintain proper FC levels. There are ways around the low suction head problem, such as partially closing the suction valve if the LQ outlet is between the valve and the pump suction or adding some kind of restriction to the skimmer bottom. Neither of which is an ideal solution, but it does work.

Also the LQ has a problem when 2-speed pumps are used because they run at lower suction pressure than a single speed pump does. And the LQ relies on enough suction to draw the bleach mixture through the LQ's tubing and fittings.

What does your filter pressure run now?