Liquidator Check Valves ?

Apr 18, 2008
I just got my Liquidator last night and was reading the installation instructions. I think I remember reading on this forum where if you pool equipment is above the pool water level that check valves aren't really necessary? My equipment essentially sits on the pool deck so it is slightly above the pool water level.

My question is there really any reason for me to use the check valves or can I simply run the tubing directly from the pipes to the liquidator to get maximum flow?

I'm going to try and copy "minispider"'s homemade insulation box tonight(as seen in earlier post) to protect against heat and sun and hopefully install the next day.


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Sep 27, 2007
You do not need the check valves as long as your liquidator is above your pool water level. Compare water levels not the bottom of the unit. My Liquidator sits on a base lower than my pool deck but the water level of the liquidator is above the water level of the pool so I do not use the check valves.

I got a "smoker cover" from home depot for $7 to cover my liquidator
Apr 18, 2008
I wish I had thought of the smoker cover before I bought the insulation. The insulation is cheap the weather resistant taping was $20 but still not that bad. The box should be fairly easy to make.

I think I'll try it without the check valves I can always go back and add them later if needed.