Liquidator and 2 speed pumps


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Aug 26, 2007
I have read through most of the liquidator threads and am trying to figure out if I could use one with my pool. I use a 2 speed pump and usually run it on low for about 10 hours a day with maybe a half hour or so on high speed when I manually add bleach. Can you get enough flow on low speed to use a liquidator? Another concern I have is that mine would not be higher than the water level of the pool(AGP with the pump close to the pool wall at ground level) I wouldn't want to place it up at a higher level than the pool surface for aesthetic reasons. Could I still use a Liquidator with my setup?

On another note, I'm also considering going with a SWG. Would that be a better solution assuming I got past the initial cost of buying one?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
A SWG is more convent, no purchasing and carrying bleach. I love the feel of salt in the water but some people with lots of natural stone worry about corrosion.

The Liquidator will often work with two speed pumps on low, but not always. Most of the people in your situation who have a Liquidator have gotten it to work, but in several cases it required some fiddling around with the configuration.