Liquid Chlorine


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Aug 25, 2018
Lancaster, OH
I think I have the right forum for this question:

I found some 10% liquid chlorine at the local WalMart that I ordered and picked up today. I checked the date (a little too late). 20 009 - so, Jan 9 2020 (I believe). Is this batch too old? I opened one of them. The liquid was still yellow. But, it didn't have a strong chlorine smell that I was expecting. Had about the same as my regular laundry bleach.
Last year I was buying 12.5% from my local Menards which did a fantastic job when needed; never smelled the contents though. So, nothing to compare to.
I have an SWG. Looking to open later this month - may end up doing it myself since the pool store is closed. This will be our second season owning the pool. My fear is this chlorine batch is not good enough to get the pool started.