Liquid chlorine storage over winter


Jun 27, 2011
I know that chlorine has a half-life and the higher the concentration the more unstable (i.e. shorter the half life) but hear me out...

I have a case (4 gallons) of 12.5% left this season AND I was just passing through my local supermarket where I usually purchase my chlorine from and they are clearancing out this year's stock at $7.40/case. So I was just wondering...

Has anyone actually used liquid from a prior season (with higher than 6% concentration)? I plan to either store this case in my basement, which stays under 70, or in my garage which would be exposed to cold temperatures...

Even if it lost half its potency (which I don't think it would at the proper temps), at $7.40/case it seems like a good


Feb 10, 2010
I have kept liquid chlorine over the winter in my shed, if kept in the dark and close, it can be frozen and will retain its potency or only lose a little of its potency. If you let it freeze in a plastic carboy, just make sure there is enough room for expansion of the frozen container to avoid cracking it. If you store it inside at room temperature, seal it well and keep it in the dark; it will not decompose very much at all.
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