Liquid Chlorine and pH question!


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Dec 24, 2018
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So according to PoolMath, LC/bleach isn’t supposed to have any effect on pH. However, mine has been jumping up lately (TA is 70) when I add more than a couple cups of it. I did some research on Google and it seems other sources are saying LC does increase pH. I’m waiting on more acid to arrive and really hoping my 7.8 pH doesn’t jump any higher in the meantime! Is this an error on PoolMath’s part, or do you think other factors are contributing to the pH rise? My pH was honestly a lot more stable at 60 TA so I may lower it back to 60 even though 70 is considered my “goal” TA (non-saltwater) per the app and within the correct range according to the Pool School article. Has anyone else noticed this or have any info they could share, please? Thanks in advance!

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May 3, 2014
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pH and TA are ranges. Your 60 TA was fine. You added baking soda to raise it to 70. That raised your pH a bit and with aeration your pH will rise. Fill water and wind on the surface of the water and rain will raise your pH. When the pH reaches 8, lower it to 7.6. TA is fine as long as it is 50 ppm or above.

Liquid chlorine is pH neutral. The product itself is a pH of about 12. But when you add it to your pool water, the chemical reaction that occurs results in a pH neutral environment to the water.
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