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Jun 3, 2020
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The day I got my pool filled it was absolutely crystal clear. It’s still clear but not the sparkle it had once fresh filled. I’ll explain. If you look towards the bottom of pool
When standing up inside pool it’s clear. But if you look from one end of pool to the other it’s kind of hazy. The other thing I notice is when I’m testing my water, I have the speedstir. When the light is on and the sample isint swirling of chourse , all though the water is clear you can see alot of tiny particles floating in it. Kind of like when a beam of light comes through a dusty garage window and you can see all the dust in the light. All these tiny particles are what I think keeps my pool from being perfect. All my numbers are in a good range. Any thoughts on these particles? I seen something in pool store called clarifier for sparkling water. Is that something I should try ? Are the particles normal and I’m talking crazy ? Any advice would be appreciated


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Jul 17, 2019
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Stay away from the clarifier, it can cause issues for your filter. It is either your filter or your water chemistry. How is your filter working, and does it need cleaning. Can you also post up your latest results from your TF100?
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