Link2O app says “connection: offline”

Andrew G

New member
Jul 5, 2020
Central Ohio
The Link2O app (my primary way to interact with the Pentair system, says that it is offline. When I go out to the pump/heater/ etc, it is still running on the schedule we have set up. But it is not communicating properly with the app. I cannot control the lights, change pumps speed, or check temperature. It is rather frustrating. How do I fix this problem?



Silver Supporter
Jul 29, 2018
Katy, Texas
Welcome to IntelliConnect. The advantage and weakness of that system is that everything goes through a Pentair server. That can be a big help when you need tech support, but it also makes your system vulnerable to Internet issues plus local Wifi issues. If either you or Pentair has an Internet outage, you lose ability to control the equipment through the IntelliConnect. The good news is that Pentair's connection has been pretty reliable. However, if anyone is tinkering with your Internet connection, changing wifi key, rebooting your router, or anything that interferes between the IntelliConnect and Pentair, your are temporarily out of service.

If everything is up and running now, then it could be Pentair's problem. Most things you can handle manually, as the connection is not necessary for the equipment to run, only to change. I have had one time a loss of connectivity with the IntelliConnect, but it was when I changed my wifi key. In that case, I had to reconnect again like it was brand new.