Liner slipped out of copping


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Jun 15, 2010
NB, Canada
Hi guys,

I went for a swim this weekend and noticed that the liner popped out of the copping. It's only about an inch long and barely out. How should i go about fixing this?

I'd rather pop it back in there myself if it's easy to do. Do i just pull off the copping and try and reinsert the liner? I'm afraid if i pop the copping that the liner might slip further down or something.



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May 7, 2007
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You can put it back yourself. However you should get something to hold it in place. There is a commercial product called liner loc designed to do exactly this, small coins also sometimes work well.

This is most easily fixed on a warm sunny day with sun shining directly on that section of the liner.


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May 12, 2008
Long Island, NY
My level droped (below the low end) over the winter, I filled it up when I noticed it. When I uncover the pool I discovered about 6' of the liner poped out of the bead. I was told by a friend that owns a pool service company to pour boiling water over the liner. It will soften the liner and make it pliable. It took about 10 gallons of boiling water to get the job done, but I got it back in the bead. He said that you can use a head gun/ hair dryer also, but he knows people that melted holes in their liner that way.