Liner sagging


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Apr 22, 2017
North Carolina
I helped a friend install a new overlap vinyl liner in their 24ft above ground last summer. Well they drained it this spring to clean it & now that they have filled it back up it, there are a few spots that are sagging down. My question is: Is it possible to pull those sides up without draining the pool? It is an overlap liner , so you have to remove the top rails to pull it over. I am afraid if i remove the top rails the weight of the water will just pull the entire liner down or rip it. Any suggestions ?
Yea you should never drain a Above Ground Pool to clean it thats what the pool chemicals are for upon opening the pool,once the liner takes on its shape and stretches from the first fill up once you drain you will have sags in it. It would probley really mess it up if you take the top rails off might even collapse the whole pool if water is still in it. The liner looses it strenght once pool is drained because of the pores of the liner keep there shape from when the water was against it


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
The chances of you moving the liner with more than an inch or two of water in the pool is pretty slim. By the time there's 200 gallons in the pool you already have 1600 lbs of weight on the liner.