Liner replanced, refilled pool with tap water, TA very high


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Jul 22, 2019
Frankfort, IL
22,000 Gallon outdoor inground pool, new sand filter, here are my test results with the Taylor test:

FC ~ 0
CC ~ 0.4
CYA ~0
pH 7.6
TA 275
CA 400

A few days ago I added Dichlor and Muriatric Acid to get the numbers to what they are now.

Obviously the cholorine/CYA and TA is out of range.

1. What is my best course of action given the above? I'm guessing I need to add chlorine/CYA and find a way to higher the pH then use Muriatric Acid to lower pH/TH.
2. Except for aeration, is there a way to increase pH without increasing TA?

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Jun 11, 2018
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An expert will chime in soon I imagine. Need CL asap. Dont want you to start out with an algae bloom! I would add enough dry stabilizer to get to 30 cya using sock method. Add bleach to get to 4 or 5ppm right away.
Worry about ta ph later. Yes aerate to raise ph without raising ta. No rush I dont think, on ta, let it happen naturally as you add acid to lower ph.

Add your equipment to your signature to help experts on their advice. Settings, then signature I think.
Depending on how long been zero, may want to raise to slam level on CL. Note. Lower ph to 7.2 or so if going to slam. (Cant check ph with high fc.) Wait to slam for expert advice.
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Jan 6, 2010
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What he said. CYA and chlorine.

TA is what you mess with when everything else is perfect and you're bored. The pH will pop up quick enough and then you can add acid to drop it to 7.2. Don't go to any special effort. With that TA, you won't need to aerate to drive the pH back up in a hurry.
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