Liner Replacement Questions

Apr 17, 2017
Hi! I hope this is the right board to post this's more like "reconstruction" I suppose.

I am doing my first liner replacement. My old liner is a 30 mil. It seems there is a debate on mil. What are your thoughts? I live in Indiana if climate is a consideration.

I'd also like to know about the pool being empty AND the liner having been taken out. I've read to not do that until you're ready to replace. What can happen if it is left exposed with the liner out for say...2 weeks? It's steel wall with a vermiculite floor.

Thank you in advance for your advice!


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Apr 27, 2012
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Gracie, as to what can happen without water in your pool, that depends entirely on the groundwater/water table in your area at the time. Generally, you don't want the structure the shift under stress or collapse, which is why workers changing liners try to minimize time empty...and then once the liner s in, fill immediately.

When I had my liner changed last year, they'd advised me to start draining two days prior to ensure it was empty in time, but not sooner.

Re MIL...many say it doesn't matter, and that thickness actually makes it a bit harder to get a good fit. In terms of fading and other surface abuse, I agree that the thickness does not matter.

I'm less certain about puncture/scratch resistance and in my case I went with a 28 mil for that reason...mainly because the first liner that had lasted without major leak for 15 years was that thickness ;) It added about 10 percent to the project cost. YMMV.

Best wishes on your Reno! Selecting a liner might drive you a bit did me ;)
Apr 17, 2017
Thank you for the reply. I don't typically have issues with high ground water. My pool guy, love him as he takes care of my pool as his own, but he just swooped in here last weekend, drained it and took the liner out, then measured! I said, um...??? He put the pool in and has been building pools for 20 years, so I try not to question him too much!

That's not true. I question him all the time...haha...and he's always right. Maybe once or twice in all these years he's learned something from me because of something I read.

Oh it definitely is driving me crazy. Turquoise water? Blue water? Dark blue? Light blue? Do something really different! What if I don't like it? What would that pattern look like under water? :-D I finally posted on my facebook with pictures asking friends. Everyone single person chose blue over turquoise. Disappointing since I was ready to make the dive into a tan liner for a change! (pun intended) One day if I build a new pool somewhere else, with a stone waterfall and travertine decking, I'm going for the tan liner with it's beautiful turquoise water :)