Liner questions: Time for a new one? Install or have installed?


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May 26, 2020
Have a 21' ABG pool. The liner was installed by the previous owner of the house - so I don't know it's current age (I'm assuming at least 8 years - maybe more). We've noticed that the water level has been going down a lot more quickly this year, and we saw some pooling of water when I refilled it past the 3/4 of the skimmer box.

My wife thinks we should get a new liner, but I'm not convinced. I'm wondering if the leak may be part of the skimmer box. Can't get in the pool at the moment to check it out (VERY green), and don't want to treat it if we ultimately have to drain it. So, left with these options:

1) Replace skimmer box, open pool and hope for the best (though am concerned that a slow leak will rust the sides of my pool)
2) Have the liner professionally replaced ($1000K+)
3) Buy liner and install myself (not sure I'll have anyone to help me with this at the moment). May be able to enlist one other person.

Thoughts? Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2013
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I think it pays to fill the pool up to the skimmer and see where the water level drops to and stabilizes. That water level indicates where you should look for the leak.


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May 8, 2012
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We put in each of our pool's liners. It's not that hard to do. A lot on how-to-videos out there to help.
Check for where the leak might be. If the leak is at the skimmer box usually it's not the box but at the gasket.
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