Liner protector pad installation questions


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Jul 2, 2012
Hi Guys,

It's time to replace the liner in my above ground pool. Currently the floor is 3" of sand with a 5" sand cover on top of the 3" floor. I'm thinking about installing a liner protector, like a Gorilla pad or similar, and the also the stick-on foam cove. What I don't know is should I remove all the sand from the pool floor befor putting the liner pad down, or leave some. And if I leave some then how much?

My problem is I want the liner pad to go completely from one wall to the other, which mean it has to go UNDER the stick-on cove. So basically I'd have a sand floor, then a liner pad, and then the cove on top of the liner pad. The cove has a cutout for the wall track, but if I've got a sand floor and liner pad I obviously won't be able to put the cove cutout over the liner track....the track will be below the sand floor. I've looked online and no one describes how to install a liner pad during a liner replacement....they always install it BEFORE the pool is installed. Anybody been here and done this before?


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Remove all but about an inch of the sand and then put the gorilla pad on top of that. The cove haas the cutout but don't worry about it. Just stick the cove to the wall on top of the gorilla pad. Make sure you level and tamp the sand real well that's left under the pad.