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Jul 24, 2021
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So I’m a relatively new above ground pool owner 27 foot round by 52. Have had nothing but problems since we bought the house two years ago and really haven’t been able to enjoy the pool yet. So over the winter the water level dropped quite low. There was maybe 6 inches of water left. We had suspected a leak the previous summer but were also dealing with other issues. I decided to spray clear flex seal all along the liner where I’m assuming the leak must be and have gotten the water level above that and it seems to hold. It’s been sitting like this for a while now. Should the rest of the liner be ok if I fill it with water? Or is this situation no good for it? Basically my choices are paying an exorbitant fee for a water delivery (I have a shallow well so filling from hose isn’t really an option) or just saying forget all this and replacing the whole liner then filling.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Sounds like you should be on a commercial. Ha ha. Well, if it's holding for now, I'd say leave it alone. You'll be prepping for close in a couple months anyway. Wait and see if you have water in the spring and go from there.
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