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Sep 20, 2018
Bridgeport, NY
Hi All!

I inherited my pool when I bought my house. I have had it for 5 years now. Thank you for everyone that posts here for making the last 5 years for making my pool trouble free.

This past year we had our liner replaced. We considered doing it ourselves, but we worried that if we ran into problems we would be over our heads very quickly, so we paid a local company to do it for us. There are few issues we are not happy with and are worried about. We are hoping to find out how big of a deal these issues are. The pool company came out once after we complained and said they would take care of it, but now they are incommudicano.

If it matters the liner is 20/27mm liner manufactured by latham pool liners.

Here are our issues. We like to know how big of a deal they are.

Issue 1: The seams do not match the shape of the pool. It is worse in the deep end. Or previous liner although it was ripped lined up with in a centimeter. The seams are of by up to 20 cms.
PoolNotLinedUp3.jpgPoolNotLinedUp.jpgMismatched seams.jpg

Issue 2: There is debris under the liner. There seems like there are sharp pebbles under the liner. There were several days between the bottom being repaired and the liner being installed. I am pretty sure they did not clean the bottom in between. The stones are sharp enough that is pinches your feet when you stand on them.

Issue 3: the liner is starting to pull out of the track.

Issue 4: There are large lumps after they did the bottom repair. The lumps are slightly larger than a golf ball.

Issue 5: The liner is not up tight against the wall. There is a gap all the way around. about 1/2cm where it is straight, and around the "bend" it is 1 1/2cm away from the wall of the pool

Thanks for all of your help.


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
If they have cut the skimmer and returns then they will have to replace the liner when they do the repairs to the bottom. The liner should fit snug to the bottom/wall area. Any thing else could result in failure in the future if someone steps there and the liner does not give. The stones under the liner are a big no no for the very reason you point out. I wish I had better news for you :(

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May 5, 2016
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Based on the fact that the seam patterns do not line up, the liner is pulling out of the track and there is radius in the horizontal corners of the pool I think the incorrectly measured or your liner was incorrectly manufactured for your pool. The fact that they also left debris under the liner along with lumpy portions I would lean towards a poor measurement job based on the other poor quality work. Since the liner is already installed, filled with water and the intrusions cut in the liner I think they are going to have to pull out this liner and put in a new one. But only after they remove the debris, smooth the bottom and remeasure for a proper fit. Hopefully they are a stand up company and will make this right because that is just as much labor and cost as a new liner install.


Sep 20, 2018
Bridgeport, NY
Thanks. I appreciate your input. I am working with the pool company to figure out next steps. The pool is closed for the season. I wanted to be armed with facts and not just trust them on their word. I am guessing they will push back on buying a new liner.

I really appreciate all the replies, and the information and discussion on this forum. My first 5 years of pool ownership were trouble free from all the great advice on here.
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