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Apr 7, 2017
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Today I was vacuuming the pool and we found 5, yes 5, holes in the bottom of the liner. My husband said there are rocks sticking through them. We have been battling with water loss but thought it was from a hole in the side of the liner that we knew about and tried patching once. So now I don’t know how to proceed. Obviously the liner needs to be replaced and the ground under the pool needs some work because of the rocks. It’s time to close the pool though. Do I need to try to find somebody to do the work ASAP or is there a way to wait and take care of this in the spring? Should I throw some patches on the holes for the winter and hope for the best?
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Jun 1, 2018
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I agree with the patching & perhaps not covering. Swim season is waning so the patches won’t be disturbed much.
Do u have a lot of leaves that fall? If so maybe a leaf net for now until they all fall then remove it. This way u can keep an eye on everything as well.
Hopefully liner availability will be better during the winter months & u may even catch a good deal on one. Use this time to line up /schedule an installer for spring or research diy so u can be ready to go.
Use some food coloring after u patch to confirm they have held.
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