Liner Floated Top Step


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Nov 28, 2018
Hi everyone,

We just got slammed with about 3-4" of rain on Friday and Saturday and when I pulled the cover off I noticed that the top step of my pool had water under the liner in the corners, probably a 18" x 18" spot in both corners, nothing drastic. This is an unusual amount of rain in such a short time in Michigan but It freaked me out some as this has never happened before. We were in a drought stage before the rain. No one was available to come out so after a few Youtube videos, I settled down and was able to pump the water from behind the liner and everything quickly went back to normal. I jumped in the pool and the bottom in both the shallow and deep end were all fine and no evidence of a soft bottom. I am on top of a hill so our water table is not high. My thought is we got so much rain so fast that the surface water made it down to float the top step. You can see in the picture that I have rock to the right of the pool and because we have clay, water can pool up under the rocks and just sit there for a bit with no where to go. How worried should I be and any thoughts or solutions to prevent this from happening again? Thanks!

Also, not a pool leak as I tested the water I pumped out for chlorine.


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