Liner faded by Robot?


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Sep 19, 2021
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I have a salt pool and my chemical levels have always been within acceptable levels.

I first noticed sections of my vinyl liner fading significantly in bands around areas near fixtures (stairs, seats, etc) wear my pool robots had often gotten stuck. This occurred approximately 6 years after I got the liner and robot.

More recently (around the 8 year mark) I have noticed fading everywhere that the robot vacuums, but not in areas above the waterline wear the vaccuum doesn’t touch.

Most noticeable however, there are sections where the concrete under my liner has developed small craters due to undetected air pocket that had collapsed. In these areas, the color of the liner is like-new. The vinyl in these craters are not touched by rubber and foam brushes on my robots, leading me to believe that the robots are slowly brushing the color from the liner surface.

On a side note, I would suspect that the “pin hole” leaks that other described in this thread are likely caused by improper cleaning of the pool sub-surface, prior to installation of the liner over it. Trapped sand particles and other debris between the liner and sub-floor will protrude. When the vacuum robot brushes continually scrape these sharp raised areas, the robot will eventually wear away the liner at the high point of the particles causing as many pin holes as there are granular of sand….just a suggestion.
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