Liner/Coping Cleaning ?


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May 3, 2012
North of Charlotte, NC
Any good tips out there on what works best with cleaning/restoring a neglected upper liner area where it attaches to the wall just below the coping and down from there to the water level ? Also, I would imagine when it comes time to replace the liner that is when the metal coping gets repainted,or is there a good way to clean the coping up as well prior to liner replacement?


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May 6, 2012
Summerville, SC
I am new at this but I had to do a lot to our pool as the former owners didn't keep it up very well. I've used a product called "off the wall" and that works very well and doesn't mess with the pool's chemistry. I've also used a magic eraser very lightly on the stairs to remove the water line as well ad it cleaned it effortlessly, but I am not sure what that is made of so I don't go crazy with it.