Liner at edges of steps leaking


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Jul 28, 2007
Huntsville, AL
I may have brought this upon myself.......I bought some Borderlines, a product that freshens the top of the liner. I got the 9" high version. I drained the pool about 12-14" and I started at the edge of the steps.......I loosened the top 5 screws so I could tuck the Borderlines under the plastic strip and then retightened the screws. Went all the way around the pool and refilled and it didnt look too bad......
Now the problem, there is a sucking sound on one side of the steps. I drained the pool and removed the screws to get a better look and it looks like the original liner separated from the question, is it as simple as putting silicone back there and retightening. Is there a product that does not have to be perfectly dry.

Thanks in Advance, I know I will be able to get the answer I need from you guys and girls. :hammer: