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Jul 6, 2021
We signed a contract for 150 linear feet of swimming pool. A 20X40 pool with a 8x16 tanning ledge. My husband and our builder staked out the design and we were very happy with the size.
Well they dug, formed and are half way done with the rebar. We realized today that we lose a foot of pool all the way around because of the walls (concrete and rebar). Is this correct?
I’m extremely disappointed in that we were are basically building the exact same design as the fiberglass pool that I fell in love with. It was 18x36 and only about 25K less. We really wanted larger than that so we went with Concrete.

So here we are with an 18x38 pool and 6x14 ledge. Smaller than we wanted and thought we were getting.

Did we get dooped or is this just how it’s done in the concrete industry? (Our builder has been in this industry for 30 years and my husband grew up in the same neighborhood as he is in. He’s not a crook or a new guy to building pools.) We just feel so ignorant and disappointed.


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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

You did not contract for a 20x40 hole in the ground in which they build an 18x38 pool.

You contracted for a 20x40 POOL. The POOL is the part that has water in it.

I think your builder is full of it.

This miscommunication often happens with builders when discussing water depth. Buyer says they want a 5 foot deep pool. Builder builds a 5 foot deep pool as measured from the top of the bond beam or coping and not water depth. Buyer gets 4'6" water depth.
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Jun 14, 2021
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My builder made it very clear our pool is 35x17, so the hole they dig will be bigger than that so when its done the actual water area is 35x17. And as you can see from our plan that we signed off on the water area is 35x17 which is what we expected. I would definately ask to see the plan and if yours is marked for the water area as 20x40 the PB should fix it..


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Jan 21, 2021
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Did your PB provide and dimensions on drawings like Joel's? If so, reference those and see the measurements of the width and lengths.

My PB provided the measurements with the arrows for multiple lengths and widths so I was able to measure it myself and ensure it's the right size, accounting for the gunite shell. PBs are so busy they aren't monitoring these types of details as often as they should, and unfortunately we as the buyer have to stay on top of them.

I'd tell them to make it exactly as you want it, and if they try charging you more for it, see of you can negotiate something where both sides are satisfied.
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