Lime green pool


Jun 7, 2015
Mount Dora, Fl
I moved to Fl last year and this is my first year of having a year round pool. I have always owned a vinyl liner pool with a sand filter and have done my own maintenance. This is my first time owning a concrete pool with cartridge filter and I'm at a bit of a loss. Pool went green practically overnight and nothing I seem to do helps. I have added probably 20+ gallons of liquid chlorine, 15# of shock and several bottles of algaecide over the past week and nothing seems to help. My chemistry is all showing within normal range. Vacuuming doesn't really seem to do much as it all seems to be in the water. I am having to change filters daily if not more. Within about an hour after startup the pressure on my filter goes from about 10psi to over 30.I have had problems keeping the cartridges clean since we first moved in. With a sand filter I could backwash but the cartridges seem extremely difficult to operate properly.I am running out of both money and patience. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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May 17, 2014
Cincinnati, OH
oh my....lime green, huh? you really should post a picture of that for me please.

GChandler, welcome to TFP!

I know you really want to "do something right now" to fix the problem but reality is that it took time to get this way. it's gonna take a little time to get it sorted out. with willingness to read and learn on your part and the advice of folks here, you will be a pro in no time.

first, you need a test kit. by throwing in gallons of this and pounds of that without good solid numbers, you're just flying blind. the link in my signature will take to TFtest kits. I would get the TF-100 XL option and speed stir. I know you probably don't wanna spend more money but this will pay for itself.

while you wait for delivery of your kit, start reading Pool School. I'll give ya a couple of links to get you started.

oh, and if you still have the packaging, could you let us know exactly what the algaecides and such actually were? Thanks so much!

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I agree. Pool chemistry is a breeze wit the TF-100. Many of those pool store products will just make it worse. Hang in there, get the kit, post a full set of numbers, and you'll have more accurate info than you can shake a stick at. Cartridge filters are not difficult to maintain, and just like any type filter, once the water is clear it's a breeze. We'll help you with that as well.''

Also, please add your pool info to your signature by going to the top of the TFP web page (just under the Pool School button) and select "SETTINGS". On the next page look to the left for a menu bar that says, “MY SETTINGS” and go to "EDIT SIGNATURE" to enter your pool and equipment info there. It will help us later. This link may also help you: Pool School - Read This BEFORE You Post. Great to have you with us! :wave:


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Jun 5, 2012
Central PA
If you have the empty bottles of algaecide, you may want to check the ingredients. I've read they can add metals. (I am not positive, I've never used any!)

If your cartridges are clogging up quickly, you probably have algae.