Lime Green Pool 2nd Leslies Treatment


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Jul 5, 2020
North Carolina
so I’m at my whits end. I am down $700 with this pool treatment and we’re at the end of the 2nd round of it and it’s not even close to clearing up.

this is our 3rd season with this pool it’s concrete bottom and fiber glass sides. 20x40 about 10ft deep

my pool guy told me my issue was phosphates ($150), we treated that but nothing got better. So he thought I had copper in my water and told me to go to leslies. Had my water tested

We also thought we possibly needed the sand changed in the filter so we had that changed out.

leslies had me do their algae treatment and first my pool guy advised me to skip the soda ash because my ph was fine. I didn’t know any better so I followed his directive. Well after putting 3 rounds of 6lbs of powder power plus shock in 12 hours apart each time there was absolutely no difference. So we had the water tested again before we did the last step (the clear aid) and they told us the ph wasn’t right we had to redo the whole process again ($260 the first time, $235 the 2nd time) well here I am didn’t have our pool for our guests on the 4th of July, and next weekend is my twins 2nd birthday and I’m getting nervous we won’t have the pool again.
2nd round I did the soda ash and ph level was up
Did the green to clean (6lbs)
X3 rounds of shock 6lbs each 12 hours inbetween each
I checked the chlorine this am and it was sky rocketed and the next step the clear aid says the chlorine needs to be a 5 or lower.
I checked it again tonight 24 hours after the last shock treatment and it is still extremely high.
I called leslies and they told me if it doesn’t change to come back and have the water tested again in the morning. I just feel like they’re going to make us buy more that won’t help.

the poolhas not cleared at all from the start. I cannot see the bottom of the pool even in the low end, and it appears the algae is growing again. I’m sick to my stomach over this. We’ve always had an issue in the beginning of the season with phosphates and calcium levels but usually once we got them under control we were set for the season. Any And all suggestions welcomed


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Jan 17, 2012
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MKento, welcome to TFP. 'm so sad to read how you've been robbed blind by this pool store and the pool is STILL green chemical soup. :(

Our method is based on using the simplest ingredient and a RELIABLE pool owner test kit. Then basing all chemical addition s on what the pool needs and knowing what the effect of this chemical will be. Liquid chlorine is what we advise for fixing algae. If you have copper, iron or other problems we'll work that out. No pool store potions. You can buy everything you need at the grocer or hardware.... Wamart even.

Please obtain either the TF-100 test kit or the K2006C kit. sells the former, Amazon the latter.

Using said kit tell us:
SALT (if applicable to SWG)

Until then add one gallon of LIQUID CHLORINE..... 10% Pool Essentials can be found in the Wamart pool section, or plain liquid chlorine at Lowes or HD. Add one gallon per day and brush your pool well.

Add a signature line with pool details, size, equipment, etc. This helps us not repeat questions too often.

How did you normally sanitize the pool? If with pucks your CYA probably got too high. A partial drain and refill may be in order.

We can help you!! Read --> ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry. SLAM Process



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
If you're serious about a party next weekend your fastest fix will be to drain and refill, then deal with any lingering algae then. Many places that is cheaper than the chemicals to fix the water already in there.