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Jul 18, 2010
I've got a problem with my Aqualamp lights. (in-ground, vinyl, 16x32). There was some corrosion in the transformer box so I cleaned the contacts and reconnected and they worked. A couple days later they stopped again.

I opened the box and one of the transformers slid down out of its grooves and a few things melted. I figure I need a new transformer box. I called a distributor and they said just go to a hardware store and save some money.

I bought a 12v 200W outdoor transformer at Home Depot but the instructions said do not use with submerged pool lights so I took it back. Even after I took it back an employee told me it would still be fine. I'm not sure. Should I pay the 400$ for the original manufacturer's box or just 90$ for the Home Depot one?


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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
You cant use those basic low voltage transformers for submerged lights. You have to get one thats specially rated for underwater luminaires. It has to do with the way the windings on the high and low voltage side are isolated. I wouldnt think you would have to buy one from the light manufacturer, though. Just make sure the voltage, watts, etc are rated for your light and that it's one the works with sumbersible lights.


Just another reason to take any advice from a Home Depot employee with a grain of salt :shock:

This is electricity in your pool, where your family and friends are. Please do not compromise anyone's safety to save a few bucks. Do it right and everyone will be safe.

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