Light Niche Gasket Leaking (not the light bulb, the light niche)


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Jul 5, 2019
South Eastern PA
For years my pool had a leak, about 125 gallons per day. It started when I had the liner replaced and the installers never sandwiched the liner between two light niche gaskets, they only used one gasket per light instead of two per light.

Years later, I finally had enough, found the leak (light rings), found the cause (missing gasket), and no good way to fix it. I tried some butyl tape, and that worked for one season. This year the leak returned and I was able to isolate which light using an Anderson LTLC Light Cover.

In order to replace the gaskets without water in the pool, I'd need to drop the water about 36 inches, ~ 18,000 gallons.

I was wondering if any of you might have replaced the light niche gasket while the pool was still full and what are your suggestions and tips?

And don't say get the installer to fix it ... It was 10 ten years ago and one law suit later. I built the pool by myself, and it was mistake to hire them to install the liner.