leveling question


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May 9, 2017
Looking for advice, just got our Intex pool (12x24 ultraframe) set up, ground was leveled by a friend with a bobcat, he did an overall great job but now that the pool is full, it is off level by about 4 inches on one end - the sides look fairly even, so it seems to be a very gradual tilt - the little squares in the liner pattern aren't perfectly even along the whole pool to use as a precise marker but you get the idea, one 12' end is 3-4" lower than the other 12' end.

We used the pressurized wood supports under all legs and I'm definitely not getting into trying to jack up one end or dig under the supports or anything like that - we figured it's either use as is, or drain it and relevel (though actually, it's possible that moving it just a couple of feet will solve it, because our set-up process might have taken us just outside of where it was measured level, but that doesn't really help as far as draining or not). Hate to waste the time money and natural resources if it's not necessary, but hate to waste the new pool (and those same resources in the process) if it's what needs to be done - just want to understand as much as possible to validate our choice and help us move forward.

So what say you - how bad is 3-4" off at one end?

If draining is the way to go, has anyone had luck trying to reclaim any of the water, or is it better just to run a hose to the sewer and use fresh water?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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Jun 19, 2016
Murfreesboro, TN
While totally not the recommended method, our pool was *several* inches off level for 7 years, and it did ok. It was just a pool on our ground with a tarp. It did not break, tip, collapse, etc., which was surprising. The pump blew up from a lightning hit, it blew to smithereens and flew over the house, and the pool got a small leak. Patched it up, replaced the pump, and good to go for another 5 years and counting! We intend to upgrade to a new (same) pool and do it right this summer.