Leveling & pavers driving me to...............


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Jun 18, 2016
Please help on this i have read so many links and I know I am over thinking but,
Do the pavers for the legs get sunk level with land or do i only sink so they are level with foam board?
Do i tape the foam board to pad sitting on ground?
Do I tape anything to the bottom of the pool ?
This one person has definitely bitten more than they can chew but I applaud you guys for all your help.
IF i get this done I will actually put pool up tomorrow and start deck,:scratch:


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Jul 10, 2012
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Pavers level with the dirt for many reasons-less risk of breaking, moving, trip hazard, etc.

foam board-make sure to triple tape all joints in the boards to keep the liner from going between the boards. I have not heard of anyone taping the board to the pad. That might be helpful to keep it from moving but not sure of that.

I would not tape anything to the bottom of the pool. I am seeing the tape pulling on the pool and maybe causing problems.

I would be right there with some way to get into the pool to help move it as the water flows in.

You can do this! We would love to see pictures as you get it set up!