Jun 30, 2010
We just put up an intex ultra frame 20 x 48 pool. I wish I had seen this site before doing so...

My husband and I spent two days leveling our yard in over 100 degree weather. It is now filled...no turning back. In the 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock position it is now low (luckily at the pump position) at about the 2 o'clock position it is high. I really do not want to take this thing down. Is there anything I can do? Do I need to do anything? I read posts from people who say that it is very important for it to be level, whereas other laugh it off as a deep end and shallow end. For the most part it is level, it is just in those two spots. I don't know the exact level, but I would say my low level is about two inches off from level and my high spot is about two inches off of level. My high end is basically one post. My husband said he could dig out under that one post, as for the low end, I have no clue! I just don't want my 6 year old to get hurt, but most people are telling me it is no big deal.

By the way, I kept telling my husband that the one part was low, and he said no it is level. :hammer:


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum. :lol: If your pool is 4 inches total out of level, I hate to say this but I believe it will eventually collapse. I am not an AG expert so I am only going from others on the forum have posted and common sense.

Others will be along soon and may have better news. I wish I could be more positive.


Jun 30, 2010
I went out and looked this morning and my high end has come down about an inch...

I went around and measured around the pool and at most of the poles the water measures are about same. At one pole it is one inch lower and at one it measures three inches higher.

Basically, will the pool hold up until about September?

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