Let the planning for construction begin... Roseville, Ca.


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Feb 4, 2020
I sometimes hate putting in my opinion for the way that it can be taken but here goes. Your pool is very similar in shape and size to mine. Really think about the bubblers on the wet deck. I have one bubbler on the wet deck and it can be quite noisy when trying to have a conversation. If I’m reading your plans correct it looks like you have two glo-brights on the wet deck. You could use the bubblers with the built in lights and eliminate the glo-brights. If you are going to be swimming the length of the pool at night, consider changing the location of the LED lights as you will be swimming directly into them. If this isn’t something you will be doing, they are going to be awesome. Finally, put umbrella sleeves everywhere! Track the sun throughout the day and identify the areas you will want shade and place the sleeves in those areas. Good luck on the build. Look forward to watching it.
Thank you for your input. I didn’t think of just incorporating the lights into the bubblers. I originally didn’t want to do it because I was going to put in 4 bubblers and only two lights. The bubblers with lights built in are quite a bit more money. I will look into other options.