less than 1 year old liner pool - bottom cracking


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Mar 14, 2011
We finished and filled our new in ground vinyl liner pool just under one year ago. What we have noticed in several spots where the poolcrete appears to have sunk and cracked below the liner. One spot in particular looks as though the liner is being stretched and could tear.

I've read that pool bottoms will move and crack over time, but a year seems too soon for this to happen.

I'm in the Austin, TX area, and 90% of what was removed when digging the pool was solid limestone. The only dirt that is there to settle is what was brought in to form the base.

The builder is coming out tomorrow to look at it. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
The drought last summer played havoc with the ground last year. I have an above ground pool that is about 7 years old and I can feel a couple of spots in the floor where it feels like the ground underneath cracked and opened up. Something similar probably happened to your pool. Hopefully they will correct the problem for you.