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Sep 25, 2009
We have a standard white hayward light in the deep end of the under the waterfall. It tends to be excessively bright and annoying when swimming at night. Has anyone used a colored lens cover to tame a bright light. I advocated for a color changing LED light at pool construction, but the wife vetoed it for the cheaper white light.


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Oct 6, 2009
Too bad on your veto. I went with the ColorLogic LED (2 - one on each end of the pool) and I love it!! Hopefully the white light isn't facing right at you all the time, but rather coming in off the side. I don't have any advice for you on the colored lenses (although I'll bet they're available), but that option would limit you still to a single color choice. Maybe if you beg enough your wife will let you convert to the LED lights!! I'll be switching mine over to the Fourth of July show (red, white, and blue alternating lights) this coming weekend!!


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Aug 20, 2009
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I tried using lens covers for about 20 years. They get knocked off by Polaris. So I kept replacing them, over and over and over. I, now, am using an Aquabot and a Pool Cleaner but I don't know if the lens cover would stay on with these two cleaners. Probably not for the Aquabot.

You can try one, if you can find one in a single. I had to purchase them in sets several times. The blue is really nice and does tame the bright "railroad train" sharp beam of light. My incandescent was a 500 watt before I changed it out for a ColorSplash LED, color changing. I want to reiterate that the lens cover did help a whole lot.

See if you can find one only, for one light, and try it out. I think the determining factor will be if you want to leave it on all the time, as I wanted, and if your pool cleaner will "leave" it alone.


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