Length reagents last


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Jun 22, 2015
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Yes, Taylor Technologies, whom TFTestkits gets all its chemistry from, recommends replacing them every year. I find that some do last longer, but as a blanket statement, Taylor does recommend replacing annually.
I'm curious about this as well and wondering which test last longer than others. I'm hopeful I don't get yanked for hijacking a thread but the question has already been asked by the OP.

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May 23, 2015
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The reagents most susceptible to going bad are -

R-0870 (DPD Powder)
R-0871 (FAS Titrant)
R-0011L (CH indicator)

Those three can easily go bad from moisture and heat. All of the other reagents are fairly stable and can last quite a long time. Taylor gives a 1 year timeframe mostly as a warranty - they are basically saying that their reagents will work, as expected, for one year. Beyond that, you're on your own.