LeisureBay Spa help.


New member
Mar 20, 2017
Cincinnati, OH
I purchased a house a few months ago and the hot tub has worked fine. He didnt leave me any information on the Hot tub. The control panel says Leisurebay and thats basically all I know, I have no idea what year. The hot tub is one of the bigger ones and is in my 3 season room, so not outside. Ive drained the water and it has been working completely fine. I used it 2 weeks ago and no problems. I went to use it saturday and the water was cold(the water was also a little low) and the control panel said DY. then DR. I added some water, hoping that is what it needed, but it didnt do anything. The panel continued to show DY and then HH, but nothing was heating up. I pressed the Jets button and the bottom jets would work, but when i pushed the button to work the side Jets it just hummed and nothing happened. So right now I cant get my hot tub to heat up and the side jets wont work.

I really know nothing about them, hoping someone has some answers on what to do.

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