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Jun 12, 2010
Levelland Texas
Hello :wave: ....my name is Leigh Ann....I live about 30 miles west of Lubbock Tx...we have had our AG pool for about 7 years now....however, for the past 2 years, we did not cover/winterize it....last year we just drained it and started over...this year we just added water and started digging out all the "GUNK".....needless to say, even after about a month now the water is still green....after an abundance of chemicals and "help" from a pool store....we just can't seem to get it filtered out....there is no algae attached to the walls or bottom....actually there is no debris at all. I have been more than frustrated with this :x ....but I found this website through a friend and have gotten more info in just one day then I have since I got the pool.....hopefully with the help of this site I can get the pool looking like a pool again :goodjob: ....I am very new to this site, so please be patient with me and my posts until I figure it all out....Thanks!!!

Leigh Ann in Levelland :cool:

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Jun 22, 2009
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Welcome Leigh Ann :wave:

First things you need are to read Pool School (which it sounds like you already are) and order a good test kit.

Post a set of test results. Get them from the pool store for now if you have to.


Also tell use what you've put in there so far.


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Jun 12, 2010
Levelland Texas
Thanks ModSquad...

The closet pool store is 30 mins away but here are results from test strip

TH: 400ppm
FC: 5
pH: 7.6
TA: 130ppm
CYA: 50-60 (maybe, very difficult to read)

About a month ago I vacuumed all the gunk out on waste, then have used the net/water vacuum twice...
USED: 16lbs of Chlorbrite shock over the course of two weeks...after adding the first 8 lbs we got a very milky cloudy blue color which in 24 hours was green again.
Then 12 lbs of HTH Super shock from Walmart over the course of a week....
We have used a jug of pool first aid, about 1/2 bottle of algaecide, even tried the super floc which was suposed to "settle" the algae to the bottom.
All of this has been over the course of a month...then until today it sat idle for about 36 hours so all of the FC dissapated and the pH level rose....
So today after reading this website, I have added 4 96oz jugs of 6% bleach, brushed the entire pool and have backwashed twice.