LED pool light sometimes trips GFCI breaker


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Oct 3, 2019
Bear, DE 19701
I just replaced my 20 year old 120V, 500W incandescent screw in lamp with a new 120V, 35W LED screw in lamp. A few times the GFCI breaker trips when turning the LED lamp off from the light switch. Most the time, the GFCI does not trip. This never happened with the incandescent lamp. The LED lamp is a Pureline Purecolors RGB LED bulb. This bulb has 16 different light programs, 7 fixed colors & 9 color changing shows. Any ideas?


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Dec 15, 2014
Riverside California
Check all of your connections inside the junction box where you connected the light to be sure they are secure.
Make sure there is no moisture inside the box and that the gasket between the top and bottom of the box is in place.