Led pool light recommendations (metal wall)


Jun 26, 2019
st louis
Hey everyone, just opened our pool for the year and was thinking about adding some water lighting. Anyone have recommendations of a light they have that is available in 2020 given everything with covid seems like most are unqvailabe? I was looking at penair one however we need the water outlet to have a specific adapter for our turbo turtle.

I would be ok with solar, or 110v however not a fan of the multiple hockey puck lights.


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Jun 2, 2009
South Chicago burbs
I've had good luck with the Innovalite Solar Powered LED (hang over side) on my AGP. It's working good in its 2nd year, which is much better than the (2) previous Smartpool NiteLighter Multicolor (halogen) that I had. Simple to install and (like you) I didn't want to add anything to the return fixture. No, leaks, easy to remove for the winter. Magnets on back help hold it in place (in addition to the wall bracket).
It's bright enough to light end to end on my 24' long AGP. It isn't overly bright but, enough for us to use the pool well into the evening. (being that they're solar powered, you could opt to place a second one on other side of pool.

The NiteLighters both leaked into the housing (corroding the pins & making the units unusable)... when I called the manufacturer, they would only offer me a 'discount' on another new purchase. These didn't even last (3) months each... I'd avoid at all costs.

Best of luck in finding what works for you.