LED lights, Need recommendation

Sneaky D

Aug 2, 2019
Gilbert, AZ
Need recommendation on LED pool lights. to fit a Hayward Astrolight enclosure. Would like to go with color changing but I've seen the Hayward ones are super expensive.

What about these? but I admit I'm skeptical about the longevity by looking at it.

Also considering this one. Looks like the build quality is a bit better and probably less to go wrong with non color changing.

Any other options for around $100?


New member
Apr 30, 2020
New Orleans, LA
I had the same sticker shock when looking at replacing the whole fixture. So I started looking into the replacement LED bulbs (though for spa lights). Surprisingly, I haven't found much info through TFP. I have found some white and color LED bulbs on a site "florida sunseeker" that seem to be of nice quality with lots of options around $100 too. I haven't bought anything yet, but wanted to call to pick their brain about multiple lights and how to transition through the colors. If it's like other color LEDS, you have to turn the lights on and off to switch between the colors/scenes, which i'm not crazy about.

Make sure to check the voltage and bulb type.