LED Lights and Dark Liners

I chose a dark liner for a soon-to-be installed in-ground pool and also chose the ColorLogic LED light from Hayward
to light the pool at night. Does anyone know if the dark liner will skew all of the LED colors to blue? I've seen some
nighttime pictures of pools lit up but they were of gunite pools and not vinyl liner pools.




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They will not skew to blue but the colors will be muted with the darker liner (Not as much reflection in the water). I have several friends that went with a darker aggregate finish and still enjoy the full array of colors the LED's put out. Hope that helps answer your question. :-D


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Mar 29, 2007
I think we picked the darkest blue liner there is. Just hooked up the lights Friday,
and they look great. You can see the different colors no problem.

Jason B

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Jun 1, 2007
I saw that Hayward now has a 3.0 version of the color logic. My pool is only 14x30 though, so I don't think I;d need this new brighter version.