LED light shows and fountains???


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Aug 3, 2009
SW Wisconsin
Does anyone here have any of those floating LED light shows or light and fountain thingys? My wife saw them in one of the catalogs we get, and the pictures make them look really cool, but I am skeptical..as they are priced pretty cheap.

I just wanted to get some opinions on them, and if they really look cool in the pool at night or for your pool parties????



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May 3, 2009
We have some of these:
http://www.amazon.com/Game-3555-AquaGlo ... d_sbs_ol_1
The picture there is a good example of what they look like IF... you have a white bottom and keep them in your shallow end.
if you have a darker liner/bottom and deeper water the effect is lost quite quickly. Also keep in mind they float and will end up at the edge of the pool lighting the walls.
They are super bright inside though..hehehe

I got mine on closeout @ lowes so they are Ok for the $$


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Apr 3, 2010
+1. Pretty neat, really, and we enjoy the disco effect. With a couple people in the pool, it moves around a good amount.

In the deep end (8'), the blues and greens reach and reflect from the bottom of the pool, the reds not so much. In the shallow end, wya brighter than we expected it to be.


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Mar 17, 2010
Spring, TX
I had one that used to do like a fountain and spray water up and was a under water light show. It was pretty neat, but I took the batteries out too soon and got water in the battery area and messed it all up. Had I not that though, I think it would have been pretty cool. I was told they picked it up at walmart. I have seen the same thing at leslies for around 30.00


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May 16, 2008
Southwest OH
I paid about $49 for our underwater light/fountain show. It was cool the first time we tried it. Then because the water was too cold to swim in, I put it up in the bedroom. Then we had a visit from someone with a boy that had a remote big foot truck, and noticed when walking into the bedroom after he had been playing with the truck all afternoon that the light show was on and reminded me of a UFO sighting. I just chuckled and switched it off placed it on the bed and then forgot about it. A few hours later, some friends and their baby came over and when the diaper change needed to happen I told them to go ahead and use our bedroom. While they were in there, the other boy grabs his remote for his truck and I immediately figured out what probably happened and started laughing. When the couple walked out with their baby, I asked them if they got a light show and they said yes and they baby really enjoyed it once he got over the shock of it turning on all of a sudden.

So needless to say, every so often I would find this darn thing just a lighting up like crazy. The next time we put it in the pool, the light show was great, but the fountain never worked again. I would have to say probably because the pump for it must have burnt out? Moral of the story, is to take batteries out if not using it. Eventually I may still get another though, but not this year!

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