LED light - plug in option??

Jun 19, 2012
Good afternoon everyone. My wife and I just purchased a home with 20x40 vinyl liner pool. The pool was installed in 1975 and was not used for last 10 years or so. We decided to bring back up to speed and we are loving it! Anyway, our pool liner guy informed us that the old brass light niche installed in the deep end was old, pitted, and probably would cause leaking if we tried install newer light fixture into it due to brass being used before new chlorine was introduced in the late 70's. So, we ended up just filling in the light niche with high density foam, placing a large piece of flat sheet metal piece over it (for support), then just installing the liner..basically abandoning the old light niche. We do however, still have the power junction box just below the diving board that I could convert to a GFCI with no problem.

My question is this...do any of you know of any decent LED Lights that I could merely hang off of the coping and plug into junction box?


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Apr 4, 2007
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"before new chlorine was introduced in the late 70's"

Now that is a classic!

You could look at above ground lights. I find they are just bug attractors, and have mine only for emergencies and cleaning up the toys after an evening swim. I prefer tiki torches.