led light conduit


Aug 20, 2009
We are almost done with our renovation (a 35+ year old Sylvan Kidney). The scheduling of the plaster forced me to fill in the pool before the Nexxus Melody Blanco LED lights were installed. This meant the conduits (the gray PVC type) filled with water. We used to have a big 300 watt light on the deep end of the pool and I know it had to be immersed in water for it not to overheat. So there clearly was water behind it and up the conduit that was attached to the light niche.

This is my first experience with LEDs and I got to thinking about the water in the conduit and our New Jersey winters. We typically blow out the filter lines, but never blew out the light niche conduit (though it was metal). So what about these new gray conduits? Do I need to be concerned? How would I blow them out anyway since the are attached to a junction box?

Thanks for your guidance.