LED Fixture Reliability? Better to go w/ new incandescent fixtures with LED bulbs


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Mar 22, 2017
Houston, Texas
I am in the middle of a pool renovation, and need to order one pool light and one spa light.
I currently have incandescent fixtures there and both working but the galvanized pipe the cords ran thru are rusting badly. So I am looking to replace with LED fixtures.

I was about to pull the trigger on two Intellibrite lights until I read the Amazon reviews.��
So many people have had trouble with their fixtures dying prematurely that I am now trigger shy about my purchase.
Just cant imagine IF there is a problem out of warranty that I would have to shell out another $600+ dollars to replace one fixture.

What would be the downside to replacing the 40 year old fixtures with new screw-in incandescent fixtures but using LED color changing bulbs?
That way, when the bulb fails all I need to do is replace the bulb and NOT the entire fixture.


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Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
I f the fixtures are that old I would strongly recommend changing them. If you like you can install fixtures that can accept incandescent and led bulbs.

I would say that the quality of led pool lights is improving a great deal since they first appeared on the market. As a general rule I read all Amazon reviews with a grain of salt. Actually a pile. We do not get that many complaints about wet niche led lights just failing. Problems yes -- failing no. But them this is where people go to solve pool problems. So proportional to the installed base we don't see much of a problem with wet niche LEDs today.

I would also recommend that you have an electrician or pool repair guy come out and look at replacing the failing conduit. Sometimes it is easier to do than you think.


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Mar 10, 2017
House Springs
I would also have your PB purchase / install the lights. Pentair has a great warranty but it is tied to where you bought them and who installed them.


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Mar 22, 2017
Houston, Texas
Thanks gwegan and jasong.
As fate would have it, I needed to purchase the rest of the equipment yesterday since the pool plumbers were ready for it.
I tried to buy the 12V incandescent fixtures, but the wholesale pool supply company was out of stock on one.
So I chose the 12V Intellibrite color changing bulbs on the spot.
Yes the PB's electrician will be installing the lights. New conduit for the new lights was already included in the contract.
The current galvanized pipe is badly rusted, as you can imagine after 40 years.
thanks again!


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Jun 28, 2012
I have about 4 years on an Intellibrite that's on every day for four hours. If you want the maximum repair-ability, the 12V version of the light has a remote transformer that can be replaced, and the LED board in the underwater housing can be replaced. In the 120V fixture, the 12V transformer is potted into the fixture housing base and is not repairable, although the LED board can still be replaced. Any dimmers feeding the current light circuit should be removed and replaced with either a switch or relay. X10 dimmer switches formerly were popular for remote control.


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Dec 15, 2014
Riverside California
Going on 3+ years now with my 120V Intellibrite 5G lights. No problems whatsoever. I have two in the pool and one in the spa. All are controlled by my Easytouch 8. I have separate relays controlling the pool lights and the spa light, so I can have separate colors for the pool and spa. I like the pool lights to be blue, and the spa to be red. Looks cool.
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