LED bulb upgrade options?


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Mar 28, 2020
I now have an Easytouch system and am considering upgrading the pool and spa lights from incandescent to LED.

It seems I can fully replace the fixtures with IntelliBrite 5G fixtures or I may just be able to replace the bulbs.

I found the AmerBrite replacement bulb for the pool light, but didn’t see a spa size replacement bulb. Are there options for the spa bulb that are recommended?

if I replace just the bulbs, will everything operate the same as if I had replaced the whole fixture?

Also, currently both lights are on the same circuit. Will that present any complications? What would be involved in separating them to be controlled separately?

Thanks in advance!


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May 23, 2015
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Check with INYO Pools. @InyoMatt or @InyoRob will be able to help you find the exact replacement bulb without necessarily upgrading to the Pentair 5G. Honestly, I've stayed away from the Pentair 5G because it always seems from reports on TFP that the driver boards are dying and then you lose colors. It makes no sense to drop nearly $800 on a light that will most likely have problems in a year or two. Pentair only gives you a 12 month warranty (if professionally installed) so you're on the hook when it goes south. Spending $100 on an LED bulb makes way more sense.

But this is the general problem with LEDs (home, landscape or pool lights), without a doubt, the drive electronics are the weakest link and bulbs fail much sooner than their rated lifetimes because of it. I have purchased all sorts of LED bulbs and they all fail way before they ever get to their purported 50,000 hour lifetime rating.


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Aug 21, 2009
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I just did the upgrade with the retrofit kit sold by Pentiar for the Amerlite housing. Bought it on eBay for $155 including shipping (I made an offer of $140). Works perfectly, and came with a new lens and gasket. I'm having trouble getting the light housing back in the niche for some reason, but it's bright, and really lights the pool beautifully. Just make sure which version you get (12V or 120V).