Leaves, Chlorine, Nice Weather


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
Yesterday I walked outside a few hours after waking up to 37 degrees. It felt like summer. It was so nice I decided to tackle my leaf issue. Every year at closing I have gale force winds blowing more leaves into the pool than I can take out. I do what I can and cover it, only to have more leaves blow under my Looplock cover. Sigh. Anyway, my plan has always been later in the season to go back and remove those last leaves. Well yesterday was the day. Better late than never. Sorry I thought I got "before" shots but only the "after" was on the camera. I also drained some water since I still expect it to freeze again before opening. I did not test the water but just added 2 gallons of bleach figuring chlorine was probably at nill. The water was not too bad at all. Mostly clear with the bottom about 50% covered with leaves. I scooped up as much as I could and re-covered the Looplock. I also inspected for any freeze damage and saw none. I hope to open in April.

So anyway I thought there was a point to this post but I can't remember any so enjoy pics of a winterized pool draining!