Learned another Lesson - Jack's Magenta & Polyquat 60


May 19, 2009
Well after another AA Stain treatment - that cleaned the stains great - I added Polyquat 60 and then was told by "Pool Store" that Jack's Magenta had replaced the Purple Stuff.

I have now had 1 solid week of white cloudiness.

I started adding clarifier (UltraBrite -Leslie's) but the cloudiness remains - On backwashing I'm getting some capture but it is slow.
Question is what's the next step:

  1. Wait out the sand filter?
    Add Cellular fiber to aid in filtering?
    Some very light staining returning when trying to bring up Chlorine level - Add Purple stuff?
    Add type of flocculant to settle debris?

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Jack's Magenta Stuff according to this MSDS is acrylic acid copolymer. That's a negatively charged polymer designed to attract and bind to positively charged metal ions. Polyquat is a positively charged polymer. When you mix these two, you form a cloudy precipitated mess. You should never, ever, mix these two together in a pool.

The good news is that this combined chemical is filtrable, but the bad news is that a clarifier probably won't help. So you just need to run the filter to remove this stuff. I suggest you Add DE to a Sand Filter to speed up the rate of removal.

If you can get the right metal sequestrant that has HEDP, you can add that as it won't interfere with the mess you are dealing with.


May 19, 2009
Thanks for the reply -
Is it also true not to use DE with a clarifier as this creates sticky mess in sand filter?
So I can start bringing Chlorine levels up and use HEDP seq (Pink Stuff or HTH metal control)?
Its been over 10 days of white cloudiness but I'm beginning to see bottom.
And you're correct the Clarifier hasn't done anything.
After years of being smarter than the pool - I've been humbled.

DE question: When you backwash are you removing most/all of the DE and need to add more back when filtering?