Leaky PVC leading to hose question


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Jun 12, 2020
Hello all, I have an above ground pool with some issues.

Right now, the sand filter sends water 20 feet away to a pool heater, which then comes 20 feet back to the return jet on the pool. The lines are all flexible PVC adapted into rigid PVC at the end.

The rigid PVC joints are cracked at the heater and are leaking. Do you think getting it dry and repairing with epoxy would stop the leak?

Also, we never use this heater. I’d ideally like to cut it out of the circuit (connect sand filter directly to return jet). What flexible hose should I use for this and how do I adapt it to the existing 1 1/2 rigid PVC?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Show us pics of the leaking joints and the filter to heater to pool pipes runs.

Why not hard plumb PVC from the filter to the pool?
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