leaking intake tubes

I have a coleman powersteel pool. I believe it's 24 x 52. It has the dual intake hoses. Not sure if that's the right terminology. I call them that because they take the water from the pool to the pump. So maybe I mean outflow. Anyway... my mother put in shock and ran the pool the other day. I went to turn the pool off for the night and found that both hoses are leaking close to the connection to the pool. My husband usually does maintenance on the pool. However, he's gone for 6 months and I now am trying to figure things out. I can clean, add chemical, etc, but have never repaired.

Let me just say that I hate the dual system. Not only does it seem to stress the hoses, there is no shut off valve so that I can stop the flow of water to take the hoses off. That said, I cannot find our booklets and do not know the size of the two hoses. Also, any ideas on how to keep the water from pouring out when I do change the hoses?


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Jun 30, 2016
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Some have had success having someone stand inside with a plastic bowl pressed over the inlet. You’ll lose the water underneath the bowl, but hopefully no more than that.

Have seen others suggest covering the portion of the inlet that is inside the pool with Saran Wrap.